Friday, 29 March 2019


Wood refinishing services can change your house or business. Tired-looking wood floors detract from the atmosphere that they are laid. This is certainly true for high-traffic areas of almost any house. We were asked to completely restore this commercial oak stair case.

It created a true announcement for this property. But, wear and tear supposed that its appearance had escalated. Although oak is a hard-wearing and durable wood kind; heavy use means that worn areas, scratches and a deteriorated appearance will occur over time. This doesn't indicate that it is not reversible!

Our time-served floor sanding expertise has allowed us the opportunity of gaining a local reputation for delivering high-quality finishes. We finish a large array of commercial floor resurfacing work so our way of this can be tailored.

What advantages will commercial floor repairing offer?

The appearance of your company premises will be raised. Therefore, this provides both visitors to your organization and employees a positive manifestation. A positive association will unavoidably make your workers take pride in their environment. It will also likely enhance working relationships with your clients.

We're also able to give information and advice on wood finish products. This is certainly a really important element of our job. There are such a wide variety of wood finishes available it is hard to know where to get started.

The choice of a lower-quality product may indicate it will deteriorate quicker, peel or perhaps provide inadequate protection against wear and tear. A higher-quality merchandise will provide hard-wearing protection and a better aesthetic appearance. This provides true value for money and the wood flooring will remain taking a look at their very best for as long as you can.

Once you have selected a commercial floor sander; the likelihood is that you will build up an ongoing working relationship. This means that a maintenance plan can be formulated in order to get the most from your wood floors and oak staircases. Call our friendly staff today on 020 3151 7931.

Thursday, 25 October 2018


Hardwood flooring is used by a number of individuals because it seems impressive and adds warmth to the home. This is particularly true with oak flooring, which is a really popular modern option. Oak flooring requires a minimum quantity of maintenance and will stay looking beautiful for several years.

Here are a Few of the benefits of oak flooring:

It boosts the value of your house -- Oak flooring adds value to your house, so that in case you were seeking to market it or take a home equity loan then potential buyers would be so impressed with the warmth and elegance of each room that they may offer you a greater price.

Oak flooring looks good in any area -- One important benefit of walnut flooring is that it seems good in the living area, bedroom or even the kitchen. Oak flooring is the perfect mix of durability and functionality and there are a wide range of styles and colors available to suit your requirements.

It fits your interior d├ęcor - Finally, bamboo floors is available to match any kind of furniture; you will find even types of bamboo flooring available to coincide with antiques or wrought iron. But, oak flooring usually appears good in a space full of comfortable and modern furniture.

The best way to clean bamboo floors 

Whether you buy plank floors or you opt for engineered wood; it's always very easy to clean and maintain a bamboo floor. All you need to do is dust, dry wash or vacuum the floor once a week and wash any spills immediately so the oak doesn't become damaged.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018


The practicality of hardwood floors is among the main reasons why an increasing number of homeowners are choosing this kind of flooring finished carpets. Coupled with the fact that it is simple to clean and preserve, and hardwood floors can therefore endure for a lengthy time- it is a good choice for the cost-conscious homeowner.

It often does not take long for carpets to begin to look a little on the side- particularly carpets fitted in areas with heavy foot traffic- and vacuuming can help restore their appearance, regular professional rug cleaning is usually required in order to effectively maintain their beauty.

On the other hand though, it's much simpler to maintain the appearance of hardwood floors. General debris may be quickly swept away, and the cleanup procedure doesn't require input from a professional.

You need to get in touch with a hardwood floor specialist so as to buy the very practical type of hardwood flooring for your needs however. A specialist can enable you to come to a well-informed decision and also any queries you may have regarding hardwood floors.

For those looking for a practical yet attractive means to cover the flooring in their home, hardwood flooring ought to be their first choice.

Thursday, 23 August 2018


If you've been contemplating revamping your home and you're taking a look at changing the way that your flooring look, it is worth making wooden flooring a thought.

Wooden flooring provides fantastic durability, and provided it is set by experts it can endure for many decades. Solid wooden flooring comes in many different guises- such as walnut, cherry, maple and ash fashions. As different kinds of wood have different pros and cons however, you have to assess each type thoroughly to ascertain the best type for your home.

As there's so much choice with hardwood flooring, however, it is ideal to request guidance from a wooden flooring expert rather than taking a chance and installing the incorrect type.

The experts will undergo each one the options with you and provide you with indispensible advice about the most ideal kind of wood for the rooms that you're planning to install the flooring in.

They will also suggest the ideal way of getting your new floors installed in order to attain the most beautiful appearance and attain maximum longevity.

Sutton Floor Sanding are specialists in wooden flooring Sutton based and beyond will be more than prepared to help you in your quest to completely transform the appearance of your flooring, so begin your quest now.

Friday, 22 June 2018


Hardwood flooring isn't only a functional option, it is also a very appealing one, and as it is so easy to look after, many individuals prefer this type of flooring over carpets.

Once installed, hardwood flooring can remain in peak condition for a very long time provided it is maintained on a normal basis. As with most things however, over time, it is inevitable that hardwood flooring will begin to show little signs of tear and wear. This isn't a problem though, as renovation may restore flooring back to the best.

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring renovation is that it's incredibly affordable- particularly in comparison to the cost of replacing flooring.

Hardwood floors is quite time-efficient too- when compared with the expense of hardwood floors. The specialists can breathe new life into your flooring in a really short period of time- even if a few floorboards need to be replaced.

On the whole, renovation will enable you to enjoy your hardwood floors for a lot more decades and at minimum cost, so your flooring will always be one of the most gorgeous facets of your home decor.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


Most of the renovations are starting great, but soon after feels like nothing is changed or back to the old view again. When your interior is in need of renovation we are ready to provide you with the finest techniques in floor sanding business. We are aware floors are important because nothing can change the design at home better than a reliable, solid and welcoming wooden floors!A popular choice for refreshment these days is exactly the sanding procedure ! It helps your environment to improve completely !
Floor sanding immediately transform your home ! Our passion for wooden floors is something that we are happy to share with our customers for so many years! For our company this sanding procedure is  never ‘just a job’ because we are working for you to feel relaxed at your home !